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It’s simple, easy and advantageous to do business with Spotless Cleaning. Our services are flexible, our employees are competent and meticulous, our customers are satisfied with the results, which contributes to an excellent business relationship and partnership with customers who choose Spotless Cleaning. Give us your workspace for your housekeeping needs. We offer a range of comprehensive maintenance services ranging from window washing to office dusting.

Spotless Commercial Cleaning is your home inMontreal, where we reinvent the concept of a clean and pleasant workspace. In the modern business world, your commercial space should be not only clean and hygienic, but also a representation of health, and top quality. This is why we at Spotless Commercial Cleaning are dedicated to providing superior commercial cleaning services that are customised to suit the specific requirements of your Montreal-based business.

Find different types of integrated cleaning solutions that will help to make your working place perfect. Our accomplished team will provide the highest quality service in dealing with all your cleaning problems at work, including thorough office cleanings that will leave no place left untouched, and specialized sanitation services, which are aimed at your health and safety.

Despite the busy periods your businesses may experience, it will be easy to recognize our staff in your workplace: Careful appearance, tied hair, clean uniform at all times, quick and courteous response time in case of damage. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we do when you entrust us with the maintenance of your buildings:

Spotless maintenance of common areas
Maintenance of different types of floors
Cleaning and washing carpets
Dusting and dusting of the premises
Stripping and Flooring
Snow removal and salting of entrances
Waste collection and recycling in offices and common areas
Other services on demand

Our commercial services

All of our services are carried out by qualified staff with rigorous and professional training. Our staff are honest and respect the standards of confidentiality.

Not convinced? Ask us for references and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with our current customers to help you make the right choice!

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